The Fortunafi Tokenized Asset Protocol (TAP) is an investment fund protocol, for US and International investors, that deploys investor funds into Real World Assets (RWAs) ranging from publicly traded and private assets. It accepts subscriptions from approved users in stablecoin deposits into a smart contract. The capital is then deployed into Real World Assets (RWAs). Investments are offered through a private fund structure. Throughout the lifetime of the fund the net asset value (NAV) is published on a regular cadence. This value sets the NAV per share in the fund and is updated in the smart contract to determine account holder's capital redemptions and the number of shares they will be granted.

Assets are offered to investors providing exposure to real world assets in a variety of categories, by means of smart contracts that issue shares in exchange for stablecoins. As investments will be made off chain, the fund will publish a daily net asset valuation performed by a third party administrator and further verified by a third party auditor. The daily asset value per share will be published daily to update the smart contracts.

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